Theme Party: Arabian Nights

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Lately, I’ve been having a bit of a Middle Eastern moment. I find so many aspects of the faraway land’s culture enchanting and magical, making me want to pack my bags and hop on a plane (or magic carpet?) to Morocco!

Apparently, our favorite ladies of “Sex and the City 2” feel the same way. The film, now in theaters, sees Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda temporarily escape the responsibilities of their adult lives and ditch NYC for a girls-only vacation to none other than the cosmopolitan hub of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. There, camel riding, bazaar shopping, and general displays of decadence ensue. As Carrie puts it, it’s like Jasmine and Aladdin…”but with cocktails.”


And while both my romantic perception of the region and the way the movie portrays it is most certainly more Hollywood glamour than reality, Carrie and I both prefer to keep it that way. So in honor of SATC, I bring you ideas for your very own Arabian extravaganza. Enjoy!

Invite: Choose a paper invitation that matches your color scheme and gives your guests their first glimpse into the good time to come.

Image via Paper Fly

Image via Paper Fly

Decorate: Think vivid jewel tones and metallics, glittering crystals and flickering light. Set your table (preferably low to the ground) with a rich purple or teal table cloth and add gold chargers, colored glass votive candles and decorative lanterns. Toss in some painted gold stones and loose chunky crystals to add interest around the larger centerpieces. If your table is low enough to sit around on the floor rather than in chairs, find some large throw pillow that match your décor and position them around the table to give guests a comfortable place to relax.

Image via Hostess with the

An addition that requires some work but packs a big punch is to drape fabric around the room. Whether you are able to canopy it in panels across the ceiling or vertically drop it off of the corners of an outdoor tent, colorful draping really kicks your décor up to the next level.

Play some low Mediterranean/Moroccan music in the background and diffuse some cinnamon/citrus/ginger essential oils to further enhance the exotic theme.

Image via

Eat: Hummus and pita bread (recipe)

Fig and Olive Tapenade (recipe)

Lemon Garlic Lamb Kabobs with Couscous (recipe)

Moroccan Vegetable Salad (recipe)

Fresh Fruit and Almond Cookies (recipe)


Image via Martha

Pour: Moroccan Mint Tea (recipe)

Moroccan Cocktail (recipe)

Image via Hostess with the


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