Stylish Send-Offs

Make sure your exit is grand with any of these wedding send-off ideas!

1. Flower Petals

Traditional, yes. But always gorgeous. Plus, they smell good.

{Photo courtesy of BZ Events}

2. Bubbles

Pros: No clean up! Cute Pictures! Con: Possible bubble in the eye.

{Photo courtesy of Leigh Taylor}

3. Streamers

So fun! It reminds me of toilet papering…except a classier, grown-up version. Perfect for a casual wedding like this one.

{Photo courtesy of Snippet & Ink}

4. Sparklers

Yes, they’ve been done a million times. But I still think they make the prettiest pictures.


{Both photos courtesy of K. Holly Studios}


5. Ribbon Wands

Very easy to make (for a good DIY tutorial click here), and they look great displayed in bunches before handing them out to guests.

{Photo courtesy of Love the Schultzes}


6. Pom Poms!

Love it. For the little kid in all of us :)


{Both photos courtesy of A Bryan Photo}


And a final piece of advice…

Unless you’re a die-hard traditionalist, stay away from rice. Not for risk of exploding birds (that rumor is false), but because you don’t want to look like these people while getting hit in the face by hundreds of grains thrown by an overzealous wedding guest.

Bon Voyage!



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3 responses to “Stylish Send-Offs

  1. carol

    You always have clever, interesting and unique ideas! Thank you!

  2. Ryan

    Love the picture of the couple getting attacked with rice haha. Rachel and I wanted to use sparklers at our wedding, but our venue doesn’t allow it, so we’re going with bubbles :-)

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