Super Bowl Sunday is literally the biggest party of the year! Last year over 106 MILLION people tuned in to the big game, and the numbers for XLV are projected to be even higher. Advertisers paid a whopping $3,000,000 for their commercials, the Black Eyed Peas are performing at halftime, and Christina Aguilera is singing the National Anthem! Despite all the hoopla, I’m not quite sure who to cheer for yet. In case you’re in the same boat, here are a few projects that will please both sides of the stadium (or living room).

1. DIY Cheesehead Decorations

Want your very own Packers Cheesehead? Just print out this PDF file from Green Bay-based furniture builders KI and you can cut, fold and tape together miniature cheesehead decorations to your heart’s conent.

2. Terrible Towel Cake

You can’t really make your own Terrible Towel, so how about a Terrible Cake instead.

{Image courtesy of Studio Cake}

3.  Go {Your} Team! Cookies and Cupcakes

{Image courtesy of Wisconsin Made}
{Image courtesy of Flour Box Bakery}
{Image courtesy of The Chocolate Swirl}

4. Music

And what kind of Super Bowl would it be if we didn’t have any unofficial team-specific rap music to play at the party?

Black and Yellow (Wiz Khalifa)

Green and Yellow (J Byrd)

Fly Like a Cheesehead (Higher Education)



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