“Shabby Chic Easter Picnic”

I’ll be honest…I’m not someone who’s usually into anything described as “shabby chic.” I can appreciate it, but it’s just not my vibe. However, I can get behind this “Shabby Chic Easter Picnic” from Melissa of Ever So Pretty Events! I love the sweet, mellow tones and how she uses ruffled tulle to add a touch of glamor to the already beautiful picnic spot. Be sure to visit her site HERE for more photos and descriptions.

On a related note, if you want to make your own ruffled garlands but can’t seem to master a sewing machine (come join my boat), learn how to make your own very cute ruffled garlands out of a plastic tablecloth by checking out this Cupcakes and Cutlery tutorial HERE! I promise they aren’t–(ahem)–ghetto like they sound.

{all photos courtesy of Sasha de Almagro}



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2 responses to ““Shabby Chic Easter Picnic”

  1. CUTE! I love the little candy jars! How adorable!!

  2. carol

    Darling and looks easy to duplicate! Very charming!

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