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Harry Potter Party

First, I’d like to apologize for being the most delinquent blogger EVER.

Second, I’d like to honor the release of the final Harry Potter movie, The Deathly Hallows Part 2, with these fun HP party ideas from Loralee Lewis! For more pictures, click HERE to visit the Blow Out Party Blog. I can’t get over the owls.




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Easter Eggs

Today, I’ll be channeling my inner 8 year old and dying Easter eggs! And I’m egg-stra egg-cited (dork alert) because I had no idea there were so many creative, amazing ways to dye them! These are what I’m deciding between.

1. Silk Tie Eggs

{image courtesy of The Little Red Hen}

How cool are these ones!? They’re made by wrapping patterned silk around the egg and boiling it. When you unwrap it, the pattern has transferred and dyed the egg in the same design! For a full tutorial from Martha Stewart, click HERE.

2. Tie Dye Eggs

I think these ones are just gorgeous. Check out the tutorial from Crafting a Green World HERE.

3. Cracked Eggs

These ones remind me of dinosaur eggs! To make, you hardboil your eggs as usual, roll them around to crack the shells, then dye them like you usually would. Once they’re done soaking, take off the shells and voilĂ ! The Barefoot Kitchen Witch has an excellent step by step tutorial HERE.

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Camping Theme Baby Shower

To round up baby shower week, here is a delightful camping-themed shower from Jesi Haack Design. Can’t you also see it as a fun birthday party theme? Click HERE for the full post on On to Baby. Enjoy!

{all photos courtesy of Carlie Renee for Gabriel Ryan Photographers}

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“Office Party” 1st Birthday

Last week I started my first ever full-time job as a Special Events Assistant at Chapman University! This is a very exciting personal monument, and in honor of my accomplishment I’ve chosen to feature this adorable “office” themed 1st birthday party! Jessica at Modern Moments Designs went all out for her son Emerson’s big day, even creating the graphic design elements of the invitation. Click HERE for Jessica’s site and more pictures of this unique party. Enjoy :)

{All images courtesy of Courtney Jade Photography}



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