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DIY Mercury Glass

How great is mercury glass? The aged mirror effect looks gorgeous as an everyday addition to your house or apartment, and is especially pretty around the holidays. However, collecting the real thing gets real expensive, real quick. Luckily, there are several ways to make your own on the cheap. Follow THESE directions by Ashley Brown via Design Sponge to create your own mercury glassware that only looks expensive!

{images courtesy of Ashley Brown}


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DIY Mini Bunting Cake Topper

Who needs candles when you can make these? Follow THESE directions on The Sweetest Occasion to create your own special topper!

{image courtesy of lovely indeed!}

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DIY Glitter


Preheat the oven to 350.

Place salt (table salt/sea salt) into a small bowl.

Add drop of food coloring and mix with the salt.

Spread mixture onto a baking sheet in one layer.

Bake in oven for 10 minutes.

Let cool, then transfer into a storage container for use.

Throw some glitter, make it rain.

{photo and instructions via Sprinkles and Sequins}


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Free Patriotic Printables

Throwing a Memorial Day party this weekend? Help yourself to these festive and FREE printables created by Jenn at Hostess with the Mostess! She’s so amazing. Click HERE for table signs and placecards, and HERE for DIY patriotic drink parasols….because every drink deserves an umbrella.

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You Are My Shooting Star

I know I say this pretty frequently, but I am SO IN LOVE with this wedding shoot! Maddy Hague of The Inspired Bride styled this “Graphic and Glitz” shoot that is literally way too big to even begin to summarize in one post. Do yourself a big favor and check out both Part 1 and Part 2 of the full post!

And my very favorite part…DIY star swizzle sticks! Follow Maddy’s tutorial HERE.

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Easter Eggs

Today, I’ll be channeling my inner 8 year old and dying Easter eggs! And I’m egg-stra egg-cited (dork alert) because I had no idea there were so many creative, amazing ways to dye them! These are what I’m deciding between.

1. Silk Tie Eggs

{image courtesy of The Little Red Hen}

How cool are these ones!? They’re made by wrapping patterned silk around the egg and boiling it. When you unwrap it, the pattern has transferred and dyed the egg in the same design! For a full tutorial from Martha Stewart, click HERE.

2. Tie Dye Eggs

I think these ones are just gorgeous. Check out the tutorial from Crafting a Green World HERE.

3. Cracked Eggs

These ones remind me of dinosaur eggs! To make, you hardboil your eggs as usual, roll them around to crack the shells, then dye them like you usually would. Once they’re done soaking, take off the shells and voilĂ ! The Barefoot Kitchen Witch has an excellent step by step tutorial HERE.

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“Shabby Chic Easter Picnic”

I’ll be honest…I’m not someone who’s usually into anything described as “shabby chic.” I can appreciate it, but it’s just not my vibe. However, I can get behind this “Shabby Chic Easter Picnic” from Melissa of Ever So Pretty Events! I love the sweet, mellow tones and how she uses ruffled tulle to add a touch of glamor to the already beautiful picnic spot. Be sure to visit her site HERE for more photos and descriptions.

On a related note, if you want to make your own ruffled garlands but can’t seem to master a sewing machine (come join my boat), learn how to make your own very cute ruffled garlands out of a plastic tablecloth by checking out this Cupcakes and Cutlery tutorial HERE! I promise they aren’t–(ahem)–ghetto like they sound.

{all photos courtesy of Sasha de Almagro}


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