Thumbprint Guestbook

When I worked at weddings, it was a guarantee that at least half of the guests in attendance wouldn’t know what to write in the guestbook. Save them some trouble by doing a unique thumbprint “guestbook” like this one! Not only will you end up with a colorful, custom piece of artwork for your new home together, but you won’t have a forgotten guestbook collecting dust in the closet all year.

{photo courtesy of Bleudetoi}



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4 responses to “Thumbprint Guestbook

  1. carol

    Darling idea!!!

  2. doodadtidbits

    Funny! I just blogged about this myself! I love this idea! I never liked the idea of a traditional guest book, and you are correct, most people don’t know what to say anyway (or already wrote it in the card with your gift). I just wonder about those smudged thumbprints. What can you do about those? Love them anyway I guess.

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