Sometimes when it’s not smoking hot outside you forget to stay hydrated! So as fall fast approaches, I feel the need to take a moment and remind you all to get your 8 glasses of water a day :)

Visit Wild Olive to download HERE


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1950’s Housewife Themed Bridal Shower

You know I love me some theme parties, and this shower on Hostess With the Mostess is just so colorful and fun!

Bride to be Kristen described the party as inspired by a combination of “1950’s housewife meets Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese” and held it at a real-life vintage soda fountain. (TIP: try to find a venue that already emphasizes your theme for no-brainer decorations) Enjoy the full post with more special details HERE.


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The future mom in meĀ  finds this very funny.

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DIY Mercury Glass

How great is mercury glass? The aged mirror effect looks gorgeous as an everyday addition to your house or apartment, and is especially pretty around the holidays. However, collecting the real thing gets real expensive, real quick. Luckily, there are several ways to make your own on the cheap. Follow THESE directions by Ashley Brown via Design Sponge to create your own mercury glassware that only looks expensive!

{images courtesy of Ashley Brown}

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Gimme S’MORE!

Today is National S’mores Day. Yes, I know, I too am experiencing simultaneous amazement and joy at the fact that the ooey-ist and gooey-ist dessert on the planet has its very own holiday. GO CELEBRATE, PEOPLE!

But before you go, check out some of THESE spins on the classic s’more equation, created at Sunset Magazine.


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Thumbprint Guestbook

When I worked at weddings, it was a guarantee that at least half of the guests in attendance wouldn’t know what to write in the guestbook. Save them some trouble by doing a unique thumbprint “guestbook” like this one! Not only will you end up with a colorful, custom piece of artwork for your new home together, but you won’t have a forgotten guestbook collecting dust in the closet all year.

{photo courtesy of Bleudetoi}


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glitter + fringe = love

Glitter AND fringe? Hey now!

You can order one of these amazing garlands at Nice, where they not only have pre-made banners but can take custom orders as well.

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